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Clark Stable Birdhouse in Red


Clark Stable Birdhouse in Red – Just right for a horse to live in but made for birds. This house is sturdy and made by hand in the USA with no electricity in the heart of the Amish Country. Made from reclaimed and recycled barnwood.

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The stable is typically the second-oldest building on the farm. A place that horses require a shelter from wind and weather. As well as provide access to clean fresh water and adequate food supplies. Similar to birds, which also require protection from the elements for nesting and giving birth. The Clark Stable birdhouse in Red is the perfect place for small cavity dwellers to make this their home, it has 1.25″ hole. Hand crafted from reclaimed barn wood with a recycled tin roof, provides warmth and refuge for your wild birds. A clean out, ventilation and drainage gives birds a nice home to come back year after year. Decorated with a horse silhouette and white trimmed door and fence. Easy to hang on a fence, post, tree or under an eave. Available in red or white exterior. Item Dimensions 14″ h x 9″ w x 7.5″ d. Rustic Americana Collection, Made in America.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 14 in
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