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Boone County Barn for Purple Martins 10 Cavities


Boone County Barn for Purple Martins, 10 cavities- built from reclaimed and recycled barn wood in Eastern PA. This Purple Martin house is built from hand with no electricity. A keepsake for the garden.

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This large format, 10 cavity Boone County Barn for Purple Martins comes directly from the Amish Country, and is made from reclaimed and recycled materials probably from an original barn. In the eastern portion of the United States, Purple Martins rarely nest in natural cavities; instead they nest almost exclusively in man-made housing. No other bird is as dependent on man as the Purple Martin is for their nesting needs. The oldest known life span for a Purple Martin in the wild is almost 14 years old. Rustic Americana Collection, Made in America . Hole 2 -1/8″ Item Dimensions 25″ H X 22″ W X 25″ D

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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 26 × 26 in
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