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East End Lighthouse Birdhouse – Medium


East End Lighthouse Birdhouse- your backyard birds will have no trouble navigating where to go with this replica lighthouse. This house will aid your bird to pilot their flight at sea or on land.

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East End Lighthouse Birdhouse is a spot-on replica of the famous Montauk Point Light located at the eastern most point of Long Island, New York. Construction of the lighthouse was authorized by none other than President George Washington and bears the distinction of being the first public works project of the United States. The (in)famous pirate Captain Kidd is said to have buried treasure at the foot of the lighthouse, but it’s yet to be found. . . .? This red and white lighthouse is a fully functional birdhouse featuring two nest boxes with 1. 25″ openings (one in the lighthouse itself and one in the keeper’s cottage), a removable back for yearly cleaning, drainage, ventilation and unpainted interiors. The entire structure is built upon a river stone foundation and a custom-fit mounting plate makes installation a snap! Item Dimensions: 13”  H x 9.5” W x 5.25”  D

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